Press Release: Aspen Laser Systems for Podiatry…

Aspen Laser Systems, LLC announces the release of the widest variety of lasers with price-points for every Podiatry practice.

Aspen Laser Systems, the emerging leader in laser technology for Podiatry, now offers laser systems fit for every Podiatric practice and price-points to add multiple revenue streams while improving patient care.  Therapeutic pain relief, unsightly nails, and recuding inflammation are just the beginning of multiple uses and conditions treated by Aspen Laser Systems’ family of lasers.

The exclusive North American distributor of one of the most recognized laser manufacturers in the world, Aspen Laser Systems boast variable wattage, true portability, as well as preset and customized protocols based on treatments and type of use.

Many podiatrists have been reluctant to adopt lasers into their practice, considering lasers one-dimensional.  These new systems, however, allow doctors a much wider variety of uses and protocols.  Return on investment comes more quickly from multiple revenue streams and patients recognizing the difference in care, which improves patient referrals and word-of-mouth to the practice.

Aspen Laser Systems Apex Package Portable Class IV Laser Therapy

Improved clinical results with reduced treatment times, true portability, a 2 year warranty, and dedicated training are just a few of the advantages that come with the purchase of an Aspen Laser System.

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{Published in Podiatry Management Magazine, Feb 2015}