Pinnacle PRO Laser System

Pinnacle PRO Laser System Aspen Laser Systems, LLC announces availability of the new Pinnacle Pro Laser System, further extending its family of quality Class IV Lasers. Aspen Laser Systems, the emerging leader in laser technology, today announced the unveiling of the Pinnacle Pro Laser System.  The Pinnacle Pro adds to Aspen's family of lasers that [...]

Maximize revenue streams with multiple uses for Laser

Aspen Laser Systems offers turn-key solutions and systems that allow your Laser investment to pay you back with multiple revenue streams. Therapy Laser for reduced inflammation, pain relief, and accelerated healing/recovery Specialize with authority, and treat more conditions. Veterinary Surgery Laser for minor surgical procedures Every Aspen Laser System allows for variation of [...]

What happens when you purchase an Aspen Laser System?

What happens when you purchase an Aspen Laser System? 1. Access to our Member's Area Even before you receive your Aspen Laser System, we give you access to our Member Area with: Instruction videos how to safely unpack and start your laser Suggested treatment training videos Marketing materials including PPT slides and [...]