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Regenerative Therapy Laser for Podiatry Clinics

Improve Care, Add Multiple Revenue Streams, Enhance Reputation and Patient Referrals

Aspen Laser Systems has FDA 510(k) clearance for the Pinnacle Series Laser System for onychomycosis and pain relief.  These FDA clearances sets Aspen Laser Systems aside as a progressive laser company with multiple FDA clearances – allowing more approved uses and versatility for its physician customers.

Patients need to see results from their doctors, and allowing Podiatrists to market treatments for onychomycosis and pain relief empowers them to build their practice in a compliant, profitable, and effective way – all while keeping patient care the #1 priority.


FDA Cleared Class IV lasers are proven in thousands of clinical studies to improve a patient’s health. Laser Therapy isn’t a new idea anymore, it’s now possible to easily introduce Laser Therapy Care into your practice. Your practice will achieve improved clinical results for your patients, an enhanced reputation, and realize significant increases in your patient-referrals and bottom-line (test our Laser Therapy ROI Calculator below).


The Benefits of Laser in your Practice

  • Proven clinical results for countless health conditions
  • Add and maximize revenue streams with Therapy AND Surgical capabilities
  • We’ll help you build a Laser Regenerative Podiatry Practice

FDA Cleared Laser Therapy 510k

Onychomycosis Before Treatment

Onychomycosis After Aspen Laser Treatments

Onychomycosis After Aspen Laser Treatments

Onychomoycosis Before Treatment

Podiatry Laser Treatments Toe Nail Fungus Treatments

Unsightly Toes

Laser therapy treatments have shown to improve unsightly toenails issues.

Podiatry Laser Treatments Foot Pain Relief

Foot Pain Relief

Class IV Laser Therapy is FDA approved to dramatically reduce inflammation, resulting in true pain relief for most patients.

Podiatry Laser Treatments Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles Tendonitis

Deep penetrating laser therapy is proven to speed the healing of Achilles tendonitis, as well as relieve pain.

Consider the following, then contact us to find the right Laser System for your practice

Do you prescribe Physical Therapy?

  • Do you perform in-house?
  • Do you send to Physical Therapy Center?

How many patients per week do you see who present with:

  • onychomycosis
  • plantar fasciitis
  • neuropathy and neuroma
  • tendonitis, arthritis, or joint pain

Class IV Lasers are extremely effective in treating all these conditions, and more.

How many steroid injections do you perform per week?

What is my estimated budget to purchase a Laser System?
Aspen Laser Systems range in price from $5,995 to $54,995.  We also offer financing programs to suit every practice with easy monthly payments.


Next Steps

Now that you’ve considered these aspects of your practice and patients, give us a call so one of our Laser Coaches can help you find the right laser for your practice.  We are here for YOUR success, and look forward to your call.
Call 877-817-0365, we’re waiting to hear from you!