Pinnacle PRO Laser System

Aspen Laser Systems, LLC announces availability of the new Pinnacle Pro Laser System, further extending its family of quality Class IV Lasers.

Aspen Laser Systems, the emerging leader in laser technology, today announced the unveiling of the Pinnacle Pro Laser System.  The Pinnacle Pro adds to Aspen’s family of lasers that offers doctors and therapists the widest range of systems and price-points to select from.  Pain relief, reduced inflammation, fungus toe nails, and minor surgical procedures are just the beginning of multiple uses and conditions treated by Aspen Laser Systems.

Many doctors need the ability to treat patients quickly, and constantly throughout the day.  With configurations including 30 and 60 Watts of output, the new Pinnacle Pro laser system enables true control of how patients may be treated, without downtime or loss of power.  In addition, the large touch-screen allows for fast and easy protocol search and custom treatment settings.

“Releasing our new Pinnacle Pro Laser System has been extremely exciting,” commented Fritz Kerr, CMO Aspen Laser Systems, LLC.  “Development was driven by the growing demand for Laser Therapy by patients, while meeting the needs of providers to allow for all-day use, fast treatment times, easy operation, and more ergonomic design.  We nailed it with the Pinnacle Pro.”

Improved clinical results with reduced treatment times, true portability, a 2 year warranty, and dedicated training are just a few of the advantages that come with the purchase of every Aspen Laser System.

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