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We Offer Multiple Services to Help Build your Practice:


Laser Systems

Looking to buy a therapy laser system?  We offer the best laser therapy systems in a wide range of power outputs to fit your practice.  To see our range of products, click here >>

Our therapy lasers range from 10 Watt to 45 Watt models, so you can choose the right laser system for your practice.

For Veterinarians or Podiatrists, some of our models have dual function for both therapy laser AND minor surgical purposes.  If you prefer to cut without bleeding, ask us about it! These models can switch back and forth so you can offer more options to more patients.


Laser Accessories

We offer a wide variety of laser accessories to add to your laser system, or to replace something you’ve misplaced (where are my safety glasses?!).  Find these accessories for purchase at or give us a call at 877-782-7736 and we’ll make sure you have what you need.


Practice and Patient Marketing and Consulting

Once you purchase an Aspen Laser System, we will provide you with immediate consulting that will help elevate your practice by creating greater awareness to your new laser system purchase. We will also provide you with FREE custom-made marketing materials such as Brochures and Posters upon your purchase and give you the opportunity to purchase more custom made materials in the future. Our “212 Marketing Center” ( will become an effective and highly motivating resource that will give you 24/7 continued support.


Laser Training Certification

Training and Education comes with every laser purchase. This ensures that Aspen Laser System will be used properly and that optimal clinical outcomes are achieved. We offer every purchaser of an Aspen Laser System onsite training and, if needed, follow-up training (via Videos/Skype). Each purchaser will also be given the opportunity to receive advanced certification from the American Academy of Laser Therapy to properly and more effectively treat patients. In addition, each purchaser may stay up to date with studies, articles, and all things concerning laser therapy in our expansive laser library. Find all this and more at