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Message from the CEO

Join Us On Our Journey. Together We Can Achieve Even More.

Aspen Laser Journey

We would like to sincerely thank you for your interest in our products and company. At Aspen Laser Systems, we are passionate about Photo-Medicine and specifically Photobiomodulation Therapy and what it can do today and what innovation it can bring to the future. Treatments provided by Aspen Laser Systems are emerging as a safe and effective alternative to narcotics and other drugs by providing light energy into diseased or injured soft tissues, stimulating the body’s natural ability to heal itself without side effects.

Since our beginnings, our focus has been on developing leading-edge technology to obtain the best and most consistent clinical outcomes. The result of this is “High Intensity Laser Therapy”, an exciting new therapy option providing higher dosages, more treatment areas and overall faster treatment times.  All of our doctors are seeing excellent results with their patients, and even some that have resisted all previous methods of treatments.

We are confident that as you take the time to learn more about our technologies and products that you will find them to be high quality, effective and affordable. We continue to strive for excellence and lead the charge in helping healthcare practices reach new heights with positive clinical outcomes. We believe that our commitment to research and development will allow Aspen Laser Systems to achieve this.

Currently, Aspen Laser Systems uniquely offers a variety of laser models: The Summit Series, Pinnacle Series and the Pinnacle Pro Series, each designed to provide choices that best meet the clinical need or budget of any size healthcare practice. Whether you are new to the world of Photobiomodulation Therapy and buying your first laser, or looking to upgrade or expand your existing laser therapy program, we offer turnkey solutions and resources for your success.

When you purchase a product from our company, you not only benefit from our advanced technology, but also the years of experience that myself and our management and sales team have. Over the last thirty (30) years, I have been on a journey with Photo-Medicine that has encompassed medical lasers (Class III and Class IV), LED (Light Emitting Diodes) devices, and phototherapy products (UVA, UVB, Full Spectrum and High LUX) covering a wide range of clinical applications.

Today, we extend a personal invitation to join us in changing lives and discover what the Aspen Laser System can do for your practice and your patients (they will love you for it!).


Charles E. Vorwaller
Charles E. Vorwaller
CEO and President
Aspen Laser Systems, LLC

Ps. Although Aspen Laser Systems is a priority, there are 3 additional priorities that govern my life and our team: Faith in God, Commitment to Family, and Dedication to Citizenship.