How We Can Help You Grow Your Practice

Aspen Laser provides numerous financial tools and resources designed to increase your practice profitability and return on investment (ROI) with your laser.

  • Add New Revenue (Cash)
  • Expand Range of Services
  • Differentiate Practice
  • Upgrade Current or Old Technology

Finance Your Laser

Aspen Laser will work with your existing bank or financial institutions. Aspen Laser is also an approved vendor with a number of national leasing companies that will provide quick approval and financing of your Aspen Laser purchase at competitive interest rates.

Additional Leasing Companies and Rates are Available. Contact the Company for Details.

IRS Depreciation and Amortization

Save Taxes – IRS Section 179 (Form 4562)

Create a tax break with your Aspen Laser purchase. Section 179 of the IRS tax code allows businesses to deduct the full purchase price of the Aspen Laser System, purchased or financed during the tax year in which the laser is put in to use. This means when you buy (or lease) the Aspen Laser System you may be able to deduct the entire purchase price from your gross income up to the stated IRS limitations. Consult your tax advisor for current rates and savings.

IRS FORM 4562:


Cash Based Billing Service Program

The Aspen Laser provides an opportunity to add a profitable cash based service to your practice.

  • Patients feel the treatment and see the results often from the first treatment
  • Payment is immediate for services (no delays like insurance)
  • Payment in full improves profitability (no discounts like insurances)
  • Operational overhead costs are reduced with less staff needed for billing
  • Patients love the treatments and will refer family and friends

Cash Program Report – CLICK HERE

Insurance Billing Program

At this time, there are no CPT codes that specifically describe “low-level laser”, however there are codes that medical practice are using for reimbursement.  Information regarding these codes and required documentation are available upon request.

Billing Code Report – CLICK HERE

Patient Finance Programs.

Aspen Laser has identified the best financial services to offer your patients.  With low monthly payment plans, any patient can afford and benefit from laser therapy. In addition, our customized laser treatment “Loyalty Card” Program will keep patients coming back for more laser treatments.

Patient Finance Program Report – CLICK HERE


Laser ROI

Revenue Estimation Calculator


*provided for informational purposes only and not to make any claim or promise of potential or actual financial earnings