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Physician Testimonials

Our Doctors Share A Passion To Make A Difference

Changing Lives with Laser Therapy


Board Certified In Emergency Medicine
Diplomat American Osteopathic Board of Emergency Medicine
Complete Care Center
Grand Blanc, MI


Pinnacle 45 watt

I am an advocate of non-narcotic pain management. Laser Therapy provided from the Aspen Laser System has changed my practice outcomes tremendously and in a positive way. I have never been more enthusiastic and dedicated than I am about this technology and its revolutionary non-invasive drug free approach to pain management.


Orthopaedic Surgery
Sports Medicine
Wissahickon Orthopedic Specialists
Flourtown, PA


Pinnacle 45 watt

Thank you for the great service that your company has provided. To say that the laser is a success in our therapy practice is a definite understatement. Patients love it and the limited follow ups that I have seen are a testament to its success. We may have a waiting list to go to therapy for the first time in a long time. Again, thanks.


Board Certified American Board of Chiropractic Neurology
Fellow International Academy of Chiropractic Neurology
Stuart, FL


Summit 20 watt Duo

For many years I have supported the evolution of therapy lasers from Class III to Class IV, on both a practice level and also on a national educational and research level. The Aspen Laser is my “go to” therapeutic modality and I have found it to be highly effective, safe and easy to use. Because of their great features and affordable prices, I recommend the Aspen Laser System for any healthcare practice.

Dr. Matt Burnett, D.C., CCSMS, FST

(C.C.S.M.S) Certified Chiropractic Sports Medicine Specialist
(C.S.I.S) Certified Sports Injury Specialist

Dr. Thomas J. Burnett, M.D.

Board Certified Physiatrist/Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Airforce Flight Surgeon
Legacy Medical Centers, Canonsburg, PA


Pinnacle 60 watt (7 lasers)

The Aspen Laser System increases speed of outcomes, which is crucial for many of our patients who are professional athletes. We use it every day with every patient and see great results. It is a key part of our overall expansion building multiple integrated clinics with better patient outcomes and our ongoing research in axonal sprouting and nerve cell regeneration.

Haan Elling, PT

Haan Physical Therapy
Fairfield, CA


Pinnacle 30 watt

We are already getting great results with our Aspen Laser System, especially with our patients that have radiation restrictions from cancer treatments and the entire staff is enjoying the results so far. We have found an unexpected hypersensitivity over tattoos. Other than that it is getting popular quickly.

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As a Company, we have been on a quest to develop, provide and improve technologies that help improve the lives of others.  This is being validated each week as we receive many letters and calls from healthcare professionals who share “their story” and results to their practice and their patients from using our products. We would like to hear from you and your experiences that can be shared with others. Please use our contact form or send us an email to