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A New Approach for Achieving Outcomes with Laser Therapy

The Problem: Low Power Providing Low Dosage Levels Resulting In Inconsistent or Nominal Outcomes.

Since 1917 when Albert Einstein established the theoretical foundations for the laser, research has produced a variety of improved and specialized laser types, optimized for different performance goals. However, a form of laser technology used in medicine and referred to since the late 1960’s as “cold laser” or “low level laser therapy (LLLT)” has yet to achieve universal recognition and use by the medical community due to a lack of consistent clinical outcomes and poorly designed and outdated laser technology. Treatment parameters for LLLT were originally established from clinical studies using cells in vitro and in small animal models that recommended very low dosage levels resulting in inconsistent or negative clinical outcomes.

The Solution: High Intensity Power Providing Higher Dosage Levels Resulting in Positive Outcomes.

On a global level, technology continues to change and improve on a regular basis, including medical devices. Incorporating many of these new advancements in technology, Aspen Laser Systems is redefining results for lasers used in therapeutic applications. Ongoing research and development are proving these lasers to be a significant “treatment tool” for healthcare professionals as a single therapeutic modality or in concert with other therapeutic modalities, with the overall goal of achieving positive clinical outcomes.



High Intensity Laser Therapy
New Dosage Options

True Duo


Dual Wavelength Technology
New Treatment Options

Smart Choice


Multiple Laser Models
New Integration Options

Upgrade Plus


Laser Upgrade Technology
New Obsolesce Options



Revolutionizing Treatment Dosage Levels

In contrast to Class 1, 2, and 3 low level lasers (LLLT) with low power from 1 – 500 miliWatts (0.5 Watts) resulting in limited dosage levels; each Aspen Laser System incorporates advanced Class 4 laser technology that are 1,200 times more powerful providing power levels of 1- 60.0 Watts.  These higher powers, in combination with proper wavelengths, laser beam size and treatment techniques enable clinicians to safely and effectively deliver significantly higher dosage levels (a key to success) and enhanced abilities to penetrate deeper into the cellular tissue providing better and longer-lasting clinical outcomes.


Revolutionizing Treatment Results

In addition to the successful Single Wavelength models that Aspen Laser Systems has been providing, the Company has recently developed new True Dual Wavelength Technology. Featuring both 810nm and 980nm wavelengths in one laser unit, the result is more treatment options and enhanced ability for many conditions including treatment resistant. The Summit Laser model, the Pinnacle Laser model and the Pinnacle Pro Laser model series have each been expanded to now include one dual wavelength model.

Two unique features include:

First, the ability to “truly” operate and control each wavelength independent of each other or in various combinations: and Second, the power level behind each wavelength is substantially higher than any other dual or multiple wavelength laser model in the market. Aspen Laser Systems believes that successful laser therapy requires more than a “one size fits-all approach”; and the True Dual Wavelength Technology helps clinicians to treat all patients and conditions more effectively with the benefits of laser therapy.

Laser-Upgrade-TechnologyUPGRADE PLUS PROGRAM

Revolutionizing Laser Ownership Options

The UPGRADE PLUS PROGRAM provides protection for your investment in purchasing an Aspen Laser System. Certain laser models from Aspen Laser Systems can be upgraded to a higher power within the Warranty Time Period of the laser.  With each upgrade, the laser will be cleaned and recertified.  The cost of the upgrade is calculated as the difference between the original purchase price and the original retail price.

Qualifying Lasers: Single Wavelength Models Only

  • Summit 10 watt laser upgrade to a 15 watt laser or upgrade to a 20 watt laser

  • Summit 15 watt laser upgrade to a 20 watt laser

  • Pinnacle 18 watt laser upgrade to a 30 watt laser

  • Pinnacle 30 watt laser upgrade to a 45 watt or 60 watt laser

  • Pinnacle 45 watt laser upgrade to a 60 watt laser

  • Contact Us directly for more details regarding this exciting program!


Revolutionizing New Integration Options

Integrating an Aspen Laser System into a healthcare practice has been made easy with the Smart Choice Program. If you’re looking to purchase a new therapy laser or upgrade an old therapy laser to newer technology, Multiple Laser Models are available to match any need or budget. With all the different lasers on the market to choose from, it can be difficult to decide what laser is best. Having a choice of laser size, power levels and wavelengths is a “smart choice” and protects your overall investment.

  • Portable Model (Summit)
  • Desktop Model (Pinnacle)
  • Spa Model (Pinnacle Pro)
  • 10 watt
  • 15 watt
  • 18 watt
  • 20 watt
  • 30 watt
  • 45 watt
  • 60 watt
  • 810nm Single Wavelength
  • 980nm Single Wavelength
  • 810nm+980nm Dual Wavelength
    • (635nm wavelength included with each laser model)